Compliance with the "extreme simplicity" concept of product design
Novice users can start quickly
Multiple protection technologies protect your digital assets safe
Manage your wallet with confidence
Strict risk control and 24-hour manual service
Create a worry-free OTC trading environment for you
Brand new model and strong ecological partner
Bring you unprecedented transaction speed
Multi-chain wallet
Easily manage your multi-chain assets
It supports a variety of virtual assets
At present, we have opened support for BTC and USDT, and will continue to add more currencies. Full support for mainstream currencies, is the goal of our ongoing effort
0 handling fee for internal transfer of Yibifu
If you and the other party's transfer address belong to the Yibifu wallet address,Then you can enjoy 0 handling fee transfer,And there are more discount features continue to increase
Extremely simple collection and payment
Say goodbye to tedious key input and operation steps, lengthy addresses and other troubles,Experience the extremely simple function of one-click collection/payment after two-dimensional scanning.Make it as simple as using fiat currency
OTC platform
One-click cross-fiat and digital currency exchange
Free exchange of cross-fiat currency and digital currency
You can use any currency (including RMB, U.S. dollar, USDT, BTC, etc.) to exchange for any target currency through the OTC platform. Exchange digital assets and convert digital assets into legal currency,Like you use RMB against the USD as simple and easy to understand.
Simple, fast, optimal exchange rate
You only need to simply fill in the payment currency and quantity, and the target currency and quantity, you can quickly complete the exchange,Up to 99% of non-malicious exchanges will be completed within 5 minutes. The major exchanges collect exchange rate data in real time and an intelligent matching system to ensure that you complete the exchange at the optimal exchange rate.
Cross-currency payments
If you are paying at a merchant that uses Yibifu to receive payments, you don’t have to care about the currency type you are about to pay.You can use RMB or USDT to pay the merchant's BTC offer. Fortunately, we have 1000+ cooperative merchants all over the world, so let’s experience it now
Open Payment
If you have begun to accept digital currency,immediately let your users complete the payment with digital currency or equivalent legal currency
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Ecological Partner
Blockchain world, starting with Yibifu
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